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Emergency QR Keychain


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We are introducing the innovative and essential Emergency QR Keychain – your compact and reliable solution for instant access to medical information during unexpected situations.

Height: 2 inch

Width: 1.5 inch

Waterproof : Yes

Material: Acrylic

Delivery time: 7 working days

NOTE: product color may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings.

Please Add Your Personal Text On Keychain for example "You are my hero DAD" , "Drive safe! My Love"
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We are introducing the innovative and essential Emergency QR Keychain – your compact and reliable solution for instant access to critical information during unexpected situations. This keychain is designed to empower you with a seamless way to share vital details with first responders, medical professionals, ensuring swift and accurate assistance when every second counts.

Key Features:

  1. Quick Response Technology: The Emergency QR Keychain harnesses the power of Quick Response (QR) code technology, allowing you to store a wealth of essential information in a simple, scannable code. This QR code acts as a direct link to your personalized online emergency profile, ensuring that your critical details are always accessible.
  2. Comprehensive Emergency Profile: Create a comprehensive digital profile that includes crucial information such as your name, emergency contacts, known allergies, medical conditions, current medications, and any specific instructions. Update your profile as needed to ensure accuracy.
  3. User-Friendly Setup: Setting up your Emergency QR Keychain is a breeze. Access our user-friendly online platform  to input your information. Then, simply attach the keychain to your keys, bag, or clothing for easy accessibility.
  4. Universal Compatibility: Our Emergency QR Keychain is compatible with any QR code scanner app, ensuring that first responders and medical professionals can access your information using the tools they already have.
  5. Durable and Stylish Design: Crafted from high-quality materials, the keychain is built to withstand daily wear and tear. Its sleek and minimalist design adds a touch of style to your everyday carry essentials.
  6. Privacy and Security: Your data’s security is our priority. Your emergency profile is securely stored and can only be accessed by scanning the QR code. No personal data is stored directly on the keychain.
  7. Peace of Mind: Whether you’re at home, traveling, or simply on the go, the Emergency QR Keychain provides peace of mind. In the event of an accident or emergency, responders can quickly access the information they need to make informed decisions about your care.

Don’t leave your safety to chance – equip yourself with the Emergency QR Keychain and ensure that your critical information is always within reach. Be prepared for the unexpected and take control of your safety today.

Stay safe, stay prepared with the Emergency QR Keychain. Your key to rapid response and peace of mind.

What i do after purchase Emergency QR keychain?

  1. Buy keychain from our online website
  2. You will receive confirmation email with link , username and password
  3. Login to our platform with given username and password
  4. Add all information which mentioned in form Save
  5. You can update information as many time as you want
  6. Once you are done scan QR code of your keychain :)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Emergency QR Keychain

The Emergency QR Keychain is a compact and convenient device that utilizes Quick Response (QR) code technology to provide instant access to your personalized online emergency profile. It enables first responders, medical professionals, or anyone who scans the QR code to access vital information about your medical conditions, allergies, medications, and emergency contacts.

Setting up your Emergency QR Keychain is easy. Create an online emergency profile on our platform, including your essential details. Generate a unique QR code that links to this profile. Attach the keychain to your keys, bag, or clothing. In an emergency, someone can scan the QR code with any QR code scanner app to access your information instantly.

Yes, your data security is a top priority. Your emergency profile is securely stored online, and no personal data is stored directly on the keychain. Access to your information is only possible through scanning the QR code.

Absolutely. You can log in to your online emergency profile anytime to update your information, ensuring that responders always have accurate details.

Include your full name, emergency contacts, any medical conditions, allergies, and a list of current medications. You can also add specific instructions or preferences for your care.

Yes, the QR code can be scanned with any QR code scanner app, which is readily available on most smartphones. It’s a universal and user-friendly technology.

Absolutely, the Emergency QR Keychain is designed for global use. As long as there’s a QR code scanner available, your information can be accessed anywhere.

The keychain is crafted from high-quality materials to withstand everyday use. Its sturdy design ensures it will remain intact even during minor impacts.

Yes, if you wish to transfer the keychain to someone else, you can update the emergency profile with their information and generate a new QR code for them.

In situations where QR code scanning is not possible, your keychain also displays a URL that can be manually entered into a web browser to access the online emergency profile.

Stay prepared and stay safe with the Emergency QR Keychain – your reliable tool for instant access to critical information during emergencies.

If any questions before buying our Emergency QR Keychain, Please contact us OR chat with us.

For the bulk order OR customise Emergency QR Keychain with your company logo please contact directly at support@doonock.com

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4 reviews for Emergency QR Keychain

  1. AAKAR Enterprises

    I recently purchased this Emergency Key Chain by Doonock, and I can confidently say that it’s a must-have accessory that offers both convenience and peace of mind. This compact device is more than just a keychain – it’s a lifesaver that has earned a permanent spot on my essentials list. In today’s fast-paced world, safety and preparedness are paramount, and this little key chain delivers both in a sleek and compact design.
    I am in Sales Business and need to Travel everyday, and after using this Product, I can confidently recommend to all my fellow Mates. Also best for Gifting, to the someone Important

  2. ANKIT TRIVEDI (verified owner)

    Compact and they give customised design so that’s cool. Love this keychain. I ordered another one for my wife too.

    Emergency QR Keychain
  3. Tanuja Kondkar (verified owner)

    It’s fantastic. Waterproof and non breakable. I gift my husband this and he really liked it. Thank you for inventing this kind of keychain. It’s really change world if all are taking it seriously.

    Emergency QR Keychain
  4. Darshan (verified owner)

    Lifesaver in Your Pocket – A Must-Have for Every Safety-Conscious Individual

    This Emergency QR Keychain is a small investment with immeasurable returns when it comes to personal safety. It’s a smart, efficient, and easy-to-use tool that I believe everyone should have. Whether you’re an avid traveler, a health-conscious individual, or just someone who values preparedness, this keychain is an absolute must-have. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants to take proactive steps towards safeguarding themselves and their loved ones.

    Emergency QR Keychain
    Emergency QR Keychain
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